• Trisep Membrane - SpiraSep UF element
  • SpiraSep is the first backflushable, immersed, negative pressure, spiral wound Ultrafiltration (UF) element. The spiral wound design has a number of inherent advantages over fiber based technologies. The process utilizes spiral wound membranes that remove suspended solids, turbidity, cryptosporidium, and oocysts are removed with the 0.03 µm ultrafiltration membrane.

  • Water is “pulled” through the membranes using a slight vacuum. Air is bubbled up through the element feed channels, scouring and scrubbing the surface clean. The rigid, durable structure of the SpiraSep membrane design eliminates mechanical integrity issues commonly associated with hollow fibers. This is a key factor in SpiraSep which can be used in maintaining effluent quality over the life of the membrane.

  • The SpiraSep filtration process utilizes a unique and innovative air scouring process where air is bubbled up through each element. Air bubbles come in direct contact with the membrane surface, providing a “scrubbing” action due to the high shear rate generated by the liquid-gas interface. This air lift mechanism not only removes particulate matter from the membrane surface, but also purges solids from the element itself.